About Hello Fish Life™

At Hello Fish Life™, we have a sincere love for people. We carry a desire to 
serve God through graphic & design, and it is out of our
 desire to serve God in this way that we have developed a passion to reach
 the people of this world; to share & express with them the saving love of 
christ through the beautiful gift of art, design, & most notably through 
fashion and accessories. All of this, plus the urging of the Holy Spirit, is
 what moved us to start a Christian clothing brand. 

However, Hello Fish Life™ is not ‘just another christian brand’, and our 
aim is not the creation of witty designs that re-think or parody main-
stream brands or ideas from the aspect of Christianity.

Every time you purchase merchandise from Hello Fish Life™, we give financial support to those who are genuinely taking the Gospel around the world.

Hello Fish Life™ has also done outreach work in many of our local communities to help reach people who are either recovering from or struggling with a life of addiction, with our goal being to begin traveling to other parts of our country to speak on these and many other related issues. We truly want to reach the lost, rejected, and broken in this world in an effort to bring them healing, give them hope, and to share with them the gift of freedom that is available through the power of the Gospel.

At Hello Fish Life™ it is our heart-felt desire to be a part of the big picture, and for you to be right there in that same picture along with us!

This is more than an invitation - this is a call-to action!

Stand with us, as we bring real change to the world around us; as we put forth the call to all Christians to begin making a lifestyle of Evangelism - a lifestyle of reaching the lost and broken for God - 100% normal for every born again man, woman, and child!

‘We willingly and firmly stand for the Biblical mandate to share the Gospel. We believe it is a necessary inclusion in the lifestyle of every believer. We believe that if people fail to hear the Gospel, then they won’t receive the God-given faith to believe it, and to completely allow God into their lives. We truly believe in the transformative power of Jesus Christ, and know that when people hear the Gospel of Truth, and begin to totally live for God - everything in their life becomes brand new. We will do whatever it takes to share the Good News of this incredible and life-changing love. And sometimes that starts with simply saying ‘Hello’.’    
- Founder & CEO of Hello Fish Life™, P.K.

We want to see living an Evangelistic-lifestyle become normal for our current Christian generation!

Hello Fish Life™
 ‘Be the Evangelist.’

How you can help Hello Fish Life™ reach people with the Gospel?

When you purchase our merchandise, you are not just helping us pass along financial support to those who are reaching the lost and saving souls. you are also making the decision to express the Gospel through your fashion choices; displaying the messages and images that appear on our merchandise will draw attention of others, and will peak their curiosity and they will ask you questions about it. As Christians, we must never underestimate the power of conversation, or even the simplicity of saying, “Hello.”

You can also share the Gospel with people, we have Soul-Winning scripts & other items available to help you do this, and more, to reach others. 

“Come, follow me, and I will show you how to FISH for people!”

— Jesus in Matthew 4:19

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